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"Health" by Shannon on October 1, 2009 at 5:37 pm
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Selecting quality behavioral health care services for you, a relative or friend requires special thought, research and attention. Located in Yardley, Live Well Services Inc., provides counseling and consultation to individuals, couples and families of all ages in a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment. They also ensure high quality and cost effective services and offers individuals and their families the skills and resources needed to live healthy, fulfilled lives within their communities.

The practice has its licensing with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to offer a highly-specialized "Intensive Outpatient Therapy" (IOP) program. Live Well Services, Inc. is the only business in the area that offers such a unique program for clients with eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety and depression who need more assistance when beginning or trying to maintain their recovery, but who do not require hospitalization or detoxification. Clients may come in anywhere from four to six hours per week or three to four months, rather than attend therapy once per week for years with little progress. Live Well Services, Inc. takes an aggressive approach in offering comprehensive treatment plans to all clients so they can prepare to embark in a transition from the original crisis and re-enter daily living.

From emotional and personal conflict resolution to mental, emotional and physical health and substance abuse counseling, their behavioral healthcare professionals understand the importance of finding the right solutions for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Each person is unique and has their own individualized set of recovery challenges and goals, which is something Live Well Services, Inc. is committed to exploring to promote recovery and offer permanent solutions to their patients.

Live Well Services, Inc. also offers adjunctive therapies, such as family therapy and multi-family psycho-educational groups, which help explain the etiology of eating disorders, treatment interventions, coping strategies and the symptoms and warning signs of relapse.

Live Well Services, Inc. uses an innovative wellness approach to counseling that combines mental, physical and environmental cause and effect so healthy changes can be made. In addition to therapeutic techniques, Live Well Services, Inc., offers nutritional services by a licensed nutritionist and registered dietician, Leah Frazee, who focuses on the mind, body and spirit for total healing. She provides nutritional counseling to both pediatrics and adults who struggle with a variety of nutrition-related topics. Her services include: eating disorders, pre and post-op bariatric nutrition, childhood obesity, weight loss, pre-natal nutrition, GI issues and general healthy eating topics. Leah's goal is to offer a compassionate, supportive environment where clients can grow and learn, and ultimately live a healthier life.

If you are looking for help for your child, Live Well Services provides many options from their certified school psychologist. One of the evaluations offered are independent education evaluations, which are completed at the school district's expense and are generally granted through the mediation process. Second opinion evaluations, or private evaluations, may also be requested when a parent would like their own private information about their child. College disability service evaluations look for specific information about how the disability impacts the student's ability to learn and perform. Attention Deficit Disorder evaluations are also offered, which are often performed prior to prescribing medication. Fundamental behavior assessments are often used to define inappropriate behaviors and to systematically define their intensity. The purpose of this is to ultimately design an intervention plan to reduce the defined inappropriate behavior and increase the defined replacement behavior.

Live Well Services, Inc. is located at 203 Floral Vale Boulevard in Yardley, PA. Office hours are from Monday through Friday from 10am to 9pm and Saturdays by appointment. For more information, please visit www.livewellservicesinc.com, e-mail - livewellservices@live.com or call (215) 968-7600.