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Child Psychiatry
Beginning October 2018 we will have a new psychiatrist on board that will be seeing children. Please call the office for further information and inquiries.

Live Well Services, Inc. is a Licensed Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program (IOP). We offer more than the traditional counseling of seeing a therapist for one hour per week. Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a quick and effective way of dealing with your issues, without waiting years for positive results.

Live Well Services, Inc. and our staff of psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and social workers seek to provide a safe, secure and supportive treatment environment in which a person can participate in their recovery with respect and dignity. We acknowledge the fact that each person is unique and has their own individualized set of recovery challenges and goals. Live Well Services, Inc. strives to ensure a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that recovery from any problem is a process and not a one-time event. Live Well Services, Inc. is committed to that process.