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Child and Teen Psychology

Adolescents and Teens

Live Well Services, Inc. offers 2 adolescent and teen groups per week and 1 individual session.

A variety of teen issues are addressed which include substance use, mental health diagnosis and overall self-esteem. Our groups are not labeled because we do not want a stigma associated with these kids, rather, a feeling of acceptance and comfort with their therapist and fellow peers to relate.

A major focus which seems to come up in all groups is “Self-Esteem” and how to improve this feeling. When an individual, especially an younger person has a feeling of self-worth, they are able to work out issues with support on a much faster timeframe. Our adolescent and teen therapists are both experienced on a personal level as well as educational level and show high success in helping these kids. Maybe because they are a bit younger and closer in age to our younger clients. They are appropriate role models who are not afraid to confront and hold all members, including family accountable for our client’s success in obtaining better mental and physical health.