Our Services


Live Well Services, Inc. and our staff of psychologists, therapists, social workers, and certified school psychologists seeks to provide a safe, secure and supportive treatment environment in which a person can participate in their recovery with respect and dignity. We acknowledge the fact that each person is unique and has their own individualized set of recovery challenges and goals. Live Well Services, Inc. strives to ensure a healthy lifestyle. We recognize that recovery from any problem is a process and not a one-time event. Live Well Services, Inc is committed to that process.

Treatment Models Utilized

Live Well Services, Inc. will use the following models of treatment:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

This treatment combines two very effective types of psychotherapy which are Cognitive Therapy and Behavior Therapy. CBT aims at rapid improvement in feelings and moods, as well as early changes in any self-defeating behaviors. It is more present centered and forward looking than other traditional therapies. It alters the way a person thinks cognitively and then has them taking actions that are likely to have a desirable result from the behavioral aspect.

Reality Therapy

This therapy follows five basic needs: power, love and belonging, freedom, fun and survival. The care principle is whether we are aware of it or not, we are all the time acting to meet these needs. It makes a clear distinction between want and needs and helps a person see the difference. A lot of emphasis is placed on "doing" and is "action orientated".

12-Step Model

The 12-Step Model believes addiction is the product of a disease. Treatment emphasizes admitting powerlessness over the substance and adopting the norms and values of a new social group in order to achieve and maintain total abstinence.

Bio-Psycho-Social Model

This model is based on research in neural science, cognitive psychology, and social learning theory. According to this view substance abuse is the product of biological, psychological, and social factors.

Art Therapy

Emotional expression through alternative, symbolic means.

Adjunctive Therapies Available

Family Therapy: Parents, siblings, significant others. Improve communications, understanding, and support during the recovery process. Participate in treatment planning.


Multi-Family Psycho-educational Groups: Understanding etiology of eating disorders; treatment interventions; coping strategies; understanding symptoms, and warning signs of relapse. Dealing with denial and defenses.


Live Well Services, Inc. will utilize a multi-disciplinary treatment team composed of: Psychotherapists, Nutritionist (Registered Dietitian), with close consultation with client's Primary Care Physician.